Commissaries and Recreational Facilities

A Note to Association General Managers and Board Members

AEA Portal understands how associations and commissaries are regulated by the Office of Commissary and
Recreation Affairs (CR). Using CR guidelines and best business practices, we will work with you to improve the
services of your association so that your members’ satisfaction is maximized. Often the first step for this
maximization is through your website.  Moreover, having your association website on AEA Portal improves the
ability of current and future members to find your club or association, read about it, and engage association
employees.  Finally, if you cannot find the web service or application you need for your website on AEA Portal,
we’ll even do our best to create it. Let our experience, passion, and knowledge help to improve your website.

A Professional Website for Your American Employee Association

The AEA Portal is a central location for all American Employee Associations (as defined by 6 FAM 500). It is
our vision to help foreign service employees locate information about their clubs and commissaries easily
from any location in the world through this portal. At the same time, General Managers and association
employees will find that establishing and updating a professional-looking and functioning website on the
portal has never been quite so easy.

Easily Maintain Your AEA Portal-Based Website

AEA Portal makes it easy for employee associations to set up websites that all members can access. The
user friendly Content Management System (CMS) makes creating a vibrant, dynamic, and attractive website
for your association easy. Maintaining the site is even easier. For example, you don’t have to do it all.
You can assign different tasks to various employees and approve any content before publication.


Basic Service –

    • Website with a complete CMS
    • A growing variety of themes
    • Multiple administrative privileges for assigning internal functions to employees
    • Community relationship with other CR-regulated American clubs

Additional Services –

    • Website setup, design customization, and webmaster services
    • Member invoicing system
    • Online facilities scheduling and reservation system
    • Graphic design and slideshows

  Real-life Business Consulting for Associations 

Financial and Accounting Management

AEA Portal experts understand what strong financial and Accounting management is all about. We’ll start by
assessing your accounting practices (and/or audit recommendations) and business practices. When clear areas for
improvement are identified, we’ll help you define and create real-life standards of operations that work with your
specific association under CR guidelines. We’re all about management information systems, so we’ll show you how
to set up your accounting package so that you can closely and quickly assess business trends
within your association.  Finally, we’ll teach your association employees how manage the
association’s finances successfully.

QuickBooks Conversions and Integration with Point of Sale (POS) Systems

If you’re considering moving from your existing accounting package to QuickBooks, we can help. The AEA Portal
team has very specific experience converting accounting systems from other accounting systems. AEA Portal can
train your employees not just to use QuickBooks but also how to maximize the potential of the
accounting package. AEA Portal can integrate both retail and restaurant POS systems with

Strategic Management

Strategic management consulting will help your association achieve varying levels of successive
goals that will put your business or association on track for success. Our team of MBAs
has invaluable life experience in and outside of associations. We can help get your
association back on track or to the next level.

Operations and Efficiency Improvements

AEA Portal consultants have saved clients literally millions of dollars by defining and implementing
efficiency and productivity improvements for various organizations. 




  Websites for EFMs  

Attention EFMs! We can now put the world in your hands!

If you’re running a business from your home, are a photographer or videographer, or are a blogger, you can establish an advanced website on AEA Portal for as low as $10 per month. Contact us for more details.

In many cases, you can easily create a cutting-edge website that has web applications such as scheduling services, private member areas, blogs, social-marketing integration, and even e-commerce within AEA Portal.





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