About Us

AEA Portal was established in 2009 with the main goal of bringing associations and their members together in one place on the web. The company was founded by Bradley Scott, who is the spouse of a Foreign Service employee and has worked for various associations throughout his family’s time abroad.

The planning and production of the Portal’s website has taken over a year. This has been necessary in order to ensure that the website is stable and is addressing the main needs of the foreign service communities that the associations serve.  That being said, the association is innovating new and improved systems and products for its customers.

AEA Portal strives to achieve the following:

1)    Establish an online presence for employee associations for the benefit of their members

2)    Create productivity and networking solutions for associations and their members

3)    Increase the awareness and profitability of the associations

4)    Facilitate a meeting place for FSO, OMS, MOHs, and EFMs.

5)    Create jobs that travel with EFMs to each of their new posts

While the Portal is in its infancy, we appreciate hearing your ideas for what you, as members or association officials, need the most from your association’s online presence.

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