AEA Portal has a large number of productivity applications custom designed with employee associations in mind. AEA Portal developers are continuously working on additional applications that users can install as plugins to their websites. Plugins allow increased functionality from the Content Management System and increase interactions with the people who access your website. The starting website service offered by AEA Portal is the Silver Service bundle (SSB). The SSB offers a number of advanced features such as a dynamic interface with a large selection of themes and plugins. It is everything an EFM or small association would need to create a very advanced website for customers and members.

Silver Service BundleAdditionally Requested Services
Content Management System (CMS)
Each theme has a slightly different Content Management System (CMS). Some CMSs allow for very flexible graphical changes to the look and feel of the website. Others are extremely user friendly and allow users to get up and running quickly with little startup time.  Each CMS has pages, posts, Contact forms, Quickcodes, menus, layouts, and media bins for uploading and editing content.   The CMS has a What You See is What You Get (WYSWYG) editor and an HTML editor if you’d rather see the code and make modifications. The CMS allows for almost complete customization of the entire site, including menus and dynamic effects.
Contact Form
The Silver Service Bundle offers a web-based contact form for your association. Having a contact form that your members and others can quickly write messages to you is a must. Not only does it provide a quick and convenient way for interested readers to get in touch with you but it also eliminates spam to your personal email address. Using a contact form, you no longer have to list your association email address on the site for webbots to register in their spam email campaigns. 
Plugging in your Frequently Asked Questions has never been so easy. You will only need to write out the question and the answer in the FAQ application, the Silver Service Bundle application will do the rest for you. When finished, your viewers will see frequently asked questions on your specified page. A simple click on the question will show a dynamic slide of content below the question, opening a space automatically as the answer appears.
Blog Rolls
The Silver Service Bundle provides you with a Blog Roll, allowing you, your employees, or even the board members to actively keep a blog (preferably about your association). Those who sign on to the website can also provide feedback to the blog once you’ve enabled this functionality on the back-end CMS.
Keep your members informed with News. As the web master, you are able to put the recent news in information boxes on any page of the website that you would like. Information boxes show up as small separated information areas that automatically update with the most recently added news. When a user clicks on the news article, he or she is redirected to the news page; more specifically, users are redirected to that particular article, allowing them to read the news in its entirety.
About Additional Services
AEA Portal has a large number of additional services available at your request. The easiest and most accessible services are included under the back-end CMS under “plugins.” AEA Portal is continuously updating the available plugins on the website; currently a scheduling application (the Association Scheduler), member sign on and database, and a member invoice plugin is available for an additional monthly fee.
Association Scheduler
The Association Scheduler is a unique calendar application modified specifically for use by associations around the world. It has been modified so that associations can allow members to schedule tennis courts, racquetball courts, basketball courts, rooms, and other one to many services offered by the association. These services have limited availability – when they are booked for a certain time, other potential registrants are not able to reserve the service for the already booked periods. It is also allows you to schedule many to one services such as yoga classes, karate classes, and tours offered by approved vendors and held on your premises. These specific services are offered at specific times and allow for more than one individual to register for the same period.
Member Sign on and Invoices
The member signon application gives your association a chance to offer services to your official members. Password authorizations are enabled for certain articles, posts, or pages on the back end. Only those members who have signed in can see the privacy protected content. Member signon gives your members access to his or her own account, allowing you to post information that is user specific. It is also required for the invoice plugin that enables your association to upload the member invoices online. Members can sign in and see what their current total billing is at any point in the month (based on accountant generated information).
Advertising Application
The advertising application allows your association to gain advertising revenue from local businesses selling services to the American community. Your association would simply activate the plugin and bill the advertiser according to fees that your association sets.

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