Basic Services Includes: Cost
Unlimited Space $40/Mo
Content Management System
A growing selection of graphic designs (themes)
Directory Listing in AEA Portal
Basic SEO
Technical Support for Activated Services
Contact Form (with Captcha)
FAQ Application
Shortcodes Ultimate


Additional Services Cost
Member Signon and Invoicing System $11.95/Mo
Customized Graphic Design Free Quote
Website Maintenance $25/hr
Optional Website Setup $400
Live Training $30/hr
Video Advertisements Free Quote
Scheduling Application $11.95/Mo
Form Wizard $4/Mo
Advertising Application $20/Mo
Other Customization (as needed) Free Quote


Actually, yes. AEA Portal is currently working on the e-commerce platform for EFM businesses. There will be an additional charge for the service. Due to selling restrictions placed on Employee Associations and whom they can sell to, we are not currently planning on offering e-commerce for associations.

$40 for the Silver Service Bundle (basic package). AEA Portal prices are extremely reasonable. The Silver Service Bundle gives you the equivalent of a $10,000 website, the server space, a unique sub domain name, and an immediate community of other like users.

Joining AEA Portal is fairly easy; however, you or your organization will need to fit into one of two categories: 1) You are the authorized decision maker of an Employee Association. An authorized decision maker is a board member or General Manager. 2) You are an Eligible Family Member. We’ll need to check your status as an EFM to get approval for a website.

Once you have been authorized, you’ll be able to register from the home page of the site. Select register and select “I am the Admin of a Community Association.” Your email and EIN will need to match what we have in the database for you.

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