AEA Portal offers business, finance, and accounting consulting services for mainstream business and not-for-profit or non-profit organizations such as American Employee Associations. We invite you click on the expandable links below and read more about our approach to consulting, or contact us here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Business Consulting

Improve your bottom line
AEA Portal’s staff has over 20 years of experience consulting for mainstream business.  We use Lean Six Sigma techniques to improve your bottom line.  Our experience in and ethical approach to business strategy, the proper utilization of IT, and accounting enables us to get under the hood and assess the situation much faster – from an outside-the-box perspective.

We’ll examine your company’s competitive position in relation to the following:

  • the customer,
  • the competition,
  • the competitive environment
  • your suppliers
  • your products’ substitutes
  • and the industry type.

We focus on your customer first. We’ll analyze your product or service. Finally, we’ll assess the internal and external methods used to put that product or service in your customer’s hands. This approach focuses on improving your product, cutting out internal waste, improving efficiency, and, most importantly, generating a profit for your company.

Consulting for American Employee Associations

Improve operations and expand services
AEA Portal is an authorized vendor of the Office of Commissary and Recreation Affairs. We specialize in consulting for associations operating under the guidelines of the State Department’s CR and FAM. AEA Portal has been consulting for associations since 2006.

Does your association suffer from any of the following issues or problems?

  • Seemingly endless board meetings
  • Service issues
  • Ongoing and unresolved resolutions
  • Accounting issues
  • Human Resources problems
  • Collections
  • Cash flow issues
  • Budgeting headaches
  • Delayed reporting
  • Inefficiencies in operations
  • Business segments running at a loss and being temporarily supported by other operations
  • Excess cash reserves (yes, this is a problem too)

If your association experiences any of the above problems, your association may need help from AEA Portal’s consultants. We will get your association back on track by implementing time-tested and proven business practices, approaches, financial practices, and business systems. In the majority of the cases, the consulting fee that you pay AEA Portal will actually be less than the financial benefits your association will realize one year after you’ve implemented our recommendations.

AEA Portal consultants are committed to improving your operations using the business practices that make private industry companies successful.

About the Chief Consultant

Bradley Scott

Chief consultant, Bradley Scott, has earned an MBA in International Business, an MBA in Business Management, a BA in International Business, and a BA in Russian. He applies real world experience to his consulting jobs with American Employee Associations, helping them become self sustainable, service-oriented, and profitable associations.

Mr. Scott has worked as a Financial Coordinator for the American Employee Association of Vienna, contracted for the installation and training of QuickBooks Financial and POS for the Commissary of Dhaka, and worked as the Business Consultant for the American Recreation Association in Dhaka, Bangladesh and the Commissary. He has installed three successful accounting systems for three different organizations and two successful Point of Sale systems for two different organizations.

Contact Brad here to inquire about consulting for your organization too.


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