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There are lots of ways to get your website online – some are free, and some are very expensive. At AEA Portal, we just think we have the best options for Associations and EFMs.

Primarily, with AEA Portal, you can now go to one place to find any association and collaborate with other GMs and Board Members.

Secondly, AEA Portal website services have more value than other paid services currently available., for example, is great for free blogs and paid upgrades (currently at about $8.25 per month), but for a few bucks more, AEA Portal gives you more options, all of which are specifically designed for associations and EFMs.

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Content Management System (CMS)

AEA Portal’s website service includes a full content management system (CMS) based on WordPress – one of the most recognized and widely used CMS’s in the world. The CMS is highly customized to meet the demands of Employee Associations. It also enables us to develop future applications designed specifically for EFMs and/or Associations.

Price and Service Comparison with

Below is the comparison of AEA Portal services and services offered by If your association needs a free website, we recommend If you decide to go that route, please drop us a line and let us know the URL of your website so that we can put your link in the holder sitelisted on AEA Portal.

Service Type AEA Portal (upgrade)
Custom Overlay
10GB Space Upgrade*
No Ads
Custom Design
Video Press
Flash Gallery
All in One SEO Pack
Facebook Application
Google Analytics
Contact Form
Q and A Plugin
Choice of Premium Themes
5 Email Accounts
Community of Associations/EFMs
Applications Designed for Associations
*Unlimited Space
Directory Listing
Vanity Domain Mapping
Vanity Domain Email
Personalized Attention
Breadcrumb Navigation
Experienced-based Recommendations
Google Mashups (Maps, Calendar, etc.)
Message Boards
$12/Month $8.25/Month
$144 instead of $488 per year $99 instead of $166 per year Free
Save 71%

Additional Services and Pricing

Additional Services


Member Sign on and Invoicing System $11.95/Mo
Customized Graphic Design Free Quote
Webmaster Service $40.00/mo1
Optional Website Setup $400.002
Live Training $30.00/hr
Video Advertisements/Advertisements Free Quote
Scheduling Application $11.95/Mo
Form Wizard $4.00/Mo
Advertising Application $20.00/Mo
Other Customization (as needed) Free Quote

1. Webmaster services are half off for one year for all signups occurring before August, 2013.
2. If you would like AEA Portal to set up your website, there is currently a 50% off promotion until August, 2013.


Registration with AEA Portal is simple. Click on the button below and select “I am the admin of a Community Association.” If you are an EFM, you can use the same registration process.

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