AEA Portal Story

AEA Portal got its start in early 2008 while Brad Scott was working as the Financial Coordinator for the American Employee Association of Vienna. The idea was simple: create efficiencies, marketing possibilities, and advanced services for the associations and their members all from one central location. Over the next two years, the AEA Portal idea grew into a much larger concept. Various services were formulated and deleted from the concept until production began in 2010.

We have barely scratched the surface of what members and associations need, so we are constantly adding new web services and applications based on demand; however, at its most basic level, a website, AEA Portal’s website builds are much more advanced than the typical association can create under a limited budget. Associations can now get their websites up and running in a matter of days, add advanced professional services, and serve their members with much more simplicity than ever before.

Scheduled for launch this year, AEA Portal is now offering beta sites to selected associations. Be a beta tester for your Employee Association today!

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