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If you are an American Employee Association (clubs, commissaries, restaurants, gyms, etc.) or an EFM (you know who you are), setting up your website within AEA Portal is easier than you might think. At the most basic level, AEA Portal has over 40 interesting themes and designs ready for your use. You only need to select the design from the administrative menu and update your own graphics where you need them. The application enables you to easily add or delete pages within your website, change menus, and add the text you need. It’s as easy as working with your favorite word processing program (we all know what that might be too).

You can now easily add scheduling programs, newsletters, and member login functionality to name a few. We are currently even developing an application that will allow you to provide your members or customers a view of their own accounts and invoice them from your site’s back end (the Content Management System).  AEA Portal applications make it easy for you to assign administrative controls to people within your organization who are designated for the various operations of your association. AEA Portal also enables you to use your existing domain name or create a new sub domain such as for Vienna.

Most importantly, as more associations sign up, your members will have one web address to access all of the associations.  No matter where in the world they are posted, future and existing members or customers will be able to find your association or company, using the association finder located within the portal.

All of these services and many more current and future services create tremendous opportunities for associations and EFM websites.

We look forward to helping you harness the AEA Portal technology for marketing and establishing automation, customer service, and productivity for your association or EFM company!

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