Point of Sale for Restaurants

Point of Sale (POS) for restaurants is a different bird altogether. This type of POS is usually quite expensive and is not even partially covered by QuickBooks POS, which is mainly for retail operations. You must consider the following for restaurant POS systems:

  • A product is produced after the order is placed
  • Different individuals are generally involved in providing the service
  • The bill is given to the customer after the service is provided or when the customer asks for it
  • The customer authorizes the billĀ  with optional gratuity and by signing the receipt (for credit accounts)
  • The bill is then recalculated based on the addition of gratuity

These areas need specific functionality unlike that of POS for retail operations such as that of QuickBook POS. In addition, restaurant POS systems are even better when they do the following:

  • Enable orders to be placed on hold until the customer finishes the meal
  • Allow for complete customization of the product (hold the pickles, hold the lettuceā€¦) that customers generally specify when placing their orders
  • Communicate something to the people processing the order, i.e. the information is displayed in the kitchen for the chef to see
  • Integrate with the accounting software (especially at the end of the day); it is difficult to find a system that fully integrates with QuickBooks financial.
  • Process orders wirelessly when the waiter records them at the table
  • Allow for the addition of gratuity
  • Charge members’ accounts when the orders are completed. This is especially important for employee association run restaurants

An extremely complicated POS will also charge COGS as orders are processed; however, the COGS is generally charged immediately when input items are moved to the kitchen. These systems are extremely expensive, however, and are generally out of the reach of the average Employee Association.

Fortunately, AEA Portal has designed and implemented a fully functional POS system that covers all of the above items. Contact us for a quote.

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