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Whether it’s a Point of Sale (POS) system for your retail establishment, restaurant, or both, you’ve come to the right place. AEA Portal specializes in the design, installation, setup, and training of POS systems that make sense for your organization.

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Why Use a POS System?
The Benefits of a POS System

A properly functioning Point of Sale (POS) system brings a retail or restaurant operation to the next level. A POS system will benefit your organization’s:

  • Profitability
  • Efficiency
  • Reporting
  • Productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction

A POS system streamlines operations, increases productivity, eliminates manual accounting transactions, and helps improve customer satisfaction. It is the difference between the Pony Express and email.

When to Consider a POS
Indications of a Need for a POS

Important planning questions must be answered before the investment is made. For example, does your organization sell items like a retailer or is it involved in food services. Each business model largely requires a different type of POS system in order to increase the productivity of employees. This must be understood before a system is purchased, installed, and implemented.

Indications that you may need a POS:

Retail and/or Restaurant

  • Items are sold at least once per hour
  • Items are sold by various individuals
  • Reports are needed for establishing slow and fast moving products or menu items

Retail (Commissaries and Souvenir Shops)

  • More than 20 different items are available for sale
  • You experience stock outages on occasion
  • Pricing newly received items takes over one hour
  • Shipping costs fluctuate
  • The store gets occasional rushes of customers
  • A warehouse or storeroom is maintained for refilling storefront shelves


  • Orders are forgotten or lost
  • Accounting for restaurant sales is labor intensive
  • Members have accounts with the restaurant or club
  • Two or more waiters are required to serve customers
  • Delivering orders to the kitchen often takes longer than 5 minutes
  • It sometimes takes several minutes for waiters to find out their orders are up
  • Cost of Goods Sold accounting is not used for predicting reorder levels

There is no doubt that a properly working POS system improves performance. But don’t be fooled – it is both financial investment and an investment in time.

What AEA Portal Can Do
Experience and Value from AEA Portal

AEA Portal has extensive experience designing and implementing POS systems for both retail and restaurantoperations for associations. AEA Portal has designed and implemented POS systems that:

  • Work with Radio Frequency ID (RFID) membership cards
  • Invoice member accounts directly
  • Interface with QuickBooks
  • Use wireless handheld devices
  • Create real-time orders for the kitchen
  • Automate much of the accounting

For establishing retail operations with QuickBooks, AEA Portal can take much of the initial work out of your hands. We’ll do the following:

  • Order the software and equipment
  • Install the software
  • Install the appropriate hardware
  • Import your existing inventory
  • Train your staff
  • Recommend approaches to improving the performance of the system for your operation
  • Convert existing systems to QuickBooks

Whatever your association needs, come to us first for a free consultation. We’ll help you weed through the fields of POS systems and identify the POS system that is right for your operation.

Contact us here for a free consultation.

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