QB POS Help – Add a New Item

When receiving an order from a vendor, you may discover (or already know) that an item needs to be added to the inventory for the first time ever. This tutorial uses a step-by-step process to explain how new items while you are working in a voucher for receiving.  This tutorial follows QB POS Help – Receiving You will see screenshots of QB POS in relation to receiving products that may not have ever been ordered before. It goes into detail about how to add these new products. We invite your comments at the end of the article.


Return to QB POS Menu


1.   Scan the item and select “Add New.”

NOTE: if you add a new item, from the left hand bar menu, you will need to scan the UPC code before saving. If you have scanned the item and the item is not found, you should check to make sure that the item is not already in stock under a different UPC. If you know the item has never been in stock at the commissary, you can scan the UPC code and select “Add Item” from the popup. In this case, the UPC will appear in the UPC field in the Add Product window.

2. Enter the product information. Enter Product Name

Avoid misspellings! This information will appear on the customers’ invoices!

3.  Select the department

Note: ensure that new alcohol & tobacco items have one of the following in the “item description”(any other data in those fields for alcohol & tobacco will through off the reports):

i.      Beer

ii.     Wine

iii.    Spirits

(see image below)

4. Click “Pricing”

5. Enter the cost

IMPORTANT: Click “Close Pricing Window.” If enter is hit, you will no longer have a chance to finish entering product data from the Voucher and must find the item in the inventory to finish entering data. (see below)

6.  Enter all other information about the product

7.  Select the UPC field and scan with your barcode reader last. This will sometimes close the window and add it to your receiving voucher.

8.  If the window has not closed, click “Save” when finished.

9.  Enter the quantity received for each item scanned

10. Verify that the total amount matches the purchase order (some variations will occur due to shipping costs)

11. Click “Save and Print” or “Save” to finish the Voucher.

NOTE: If you are using the markup to adjust your prices, you will need to take an extra step in order to ensure that the price is displaying correctly. Unfortunately, each individual item must be viewed from the inventory in order to ensure that the Markup of, say, 20% has not automatically changed by QB POS.

ii.      Go to Inventory and select “Item List”

iii.      Scan the item

iv.      Select “Show Details” if not currently displayed.

v.      Select “Pricing”

vi.      Ensure that the Markup reads appropriately for each type of product. For example, “50” for Tobacco & Alcohol products and “20” for all other products.


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