QB POS Help – Add a New UPC to an Existing Item while Receiving

When receiving an order from a vendor, you may discover that the UPC of items don’t exist in the database – EVEN THOUGH you’ve been selling them already. This tutorial uses a step-by-step process to explain how new UPCs are added for preexisting items when receiving a new order. This tutorial follows QB POS Help – Receiving You will see screenshots of QB POS in relation to receiving reordered products. It goes into detail about how to add new UPCs for existing products. We invite your comments at the end of the article.


Return to QB POS Menu


From the item’s description window, you will see that you can edit the item.

1.  Click Edit

2.  Click “Alt Vend” (as shown below)

3.  Select a vendor from the dropdown list (as shown below)

4.  After you’ve made your selection, make sure your cursor is in the UPC field for the appropriate vendor and scan the new UPC using your bar-code scanner (as shown below).

(Adding a UPC to this field will allow the system to identify the same product even though it might exist with different UPCs)

5.  Click “Save”

6.  Click “Switch to” and select “Voucher.” This will bring you back to the voucher you were working on in step one.

7.  Scan the item again (it should now appear in the list)

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