QB POS Help – End-of-Day Report

One of the most common reports that you’ll run is the End-of-Day report. This report identifies all of the transactions conducted during the day and whose accounts have been affected. This report is extremely important to keep as a paper file in case either QuickBooks POS or QuickBooks financial (if you are using that) crashes, and for some reason, the backup files are not working. When QB POS is connected with QuickBooks Pro, this report will update the accounting file in QuickBooks Pro.

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End-of-Day Report

At the end of the day, you’ll need to close out the sales with z-Out Report.

1.   Select “End of Day” from the main menu on the left vertical button bar

2.  A dialog box will appear (as shown below)

2.   Make sure you have “Back up your company data” checked. This will back up the company file.

NOTE: It is important that this file is backed up on a file server and not on a POS computer. This will help ensure that there is a backup in the event that the POS computer crashes.

3.  Click “Start”

The program will save the company data and print out two copies of the end of day report.


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