QB POS Help – Item Summary Report

The Item Summary report is a complete report of all sales of the Commissary (or other retail outlet). Once this report is generated, there are a number of ways in which management can massage the data to obtain exactly the information sought.

In this tutorial, we will examine several methods of filtering the data to give us exactly the information we need to make management decisions.

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Matching Items Sold with Existing Inventory

Before we learn about what it can do, let’s talk a bit about what it cannot do. While the QuickBooks POS allows the user to customize reports very specifically, one thing that it will not do is run a report that places the item’s quantity in stock along side the same item’s quantity sold. This type of report is sometimes needed for procurement, so data manipulation in either MS Excel or, preferably, MS Access is required. Unfortunately, matching data in Excel is cumbersome; however, MS Access will provide a better alternative due to the ability of Access to run reports on key field such as UPC codes.


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Item Summary Report

To run an Item Summary, use the following steps:

1.   Select “Reports”

2.   Select “Item Summary”

3.   The resulting report should look like the following:

4.   From here, there are a number of things that you can do to get, in most case, the exact data set that you need to analyze the sales of the products.

  • Modify Columns: Modify the report to add columns
  • Filter Data: Filtering the data in the report allows you to view just the product that you want to see in the report. It allows you to use the power of QuickBooks POS to see, in most cases, exactly what you need to see.

5.   Filtering Data: Let’s say you want to see the sales results of “Coors” beer. Follow the steps below to see just the sales of Coors beer:

  • Select “Modify”
  • Select “Filter”

6.   The following screen will appear:

7.   Define the department by clicking on the department icon:

8.   Uncheck the departments that you do NOT need.

9.   Click okay and scroll down to “Item Description.” In this case, we’ll enter “beer” for the description.

10.   Click on “Save” and run the report. The following screenshot is the result of the filter:

11.  You can now drill down to more detail about the sale of Coors beer if needed. Double click when the icon shows a magnifying glass with a “Z” in the middle.

12.  When you have double clicked, a new window within the reports menu will open. The new window should show only the sales of Coors beer and to whom the sales were made.

13.  To see an individual invoice, double click on the customer you are interested in seeing:

14.  You can now see everything in the invoice that was sold on this particular day to this customer.

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