QB POS Help – Receiving

This tutorial uses a step-by-step process to explain how items are received in QB POS. You will see screenshots of QB POS in relation to receiving new products. It goes into detail about how to add new products or update existing inventories with the products received. We invite your comments at the end of the article.


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NOTE: It is much easier to receive items when there is a purchase order in the system. This allows QB to establish the cost of the purchase and ties that information with QB Financial. 

Receiving Items in QB POS

From the home screen, you will see the file options as shown below (click the image to enlarge the file). Select “Purchasing” and from the drop-down list, select “Receive Items.”

Screenshot of Receiving

From the QB POS menu, select "Receive Items"

  1. A new dialog box will appear. If you have a purchase order in the system from which you want to receive items, select “Receive from Purchase Order.” Otherwise, select a vendor.
  2. Purchase Order Exists: Assuming you have a purchase order and you have received all items on the order, select all items and finish.
  3. Purchase Order not in System:If there is no purchase order, proceed to step 4.
    NOTE: Make sure the accountant enters the order in your accounting system.
  4. Scan the product (preferably by the case); the item should appear on the screen.
    NOTE: QuickBooks uses purchase orders to transfer accounts-payable amounts from QB POS to QB Premier. If the accountant has created a separate entry in QB Premier, you will need to receive items without a Purchase Order in the QB POS system.
  5. If the product UPC is not found by the system, ensure that the product does not already exist in the system under a different UPC by selecting “Switch to Item List” from the menu. Does the product exist? Click “Yes” or “No” below:





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