Printing Shelf Tags

Hidden deep in the depths of QB POS lies the ability to print shelf tags easily. Once you have mastered the process of digging down into QB POS to find the functionality (or just come back to this tutorial), printing tags for your store’s shelf will be a cinch. Now if we could only find a quick and easy way to put them on the shelves! 

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Return to QB POS Menu



Shelf Tags

1.   Go to Purchasing and Select “Receiving History”

2.   Select a voucher

3.  Select “Show Details”

4.   Select the items you would like to print shelf tags for, using Ctrl+click on each item.

5.   Go to “I want to” and select “print tags” from the drop down.

6.   Select Print

7.   At this point (see screenshot below), you can adjust your columns to fit your labels such as those made by Avery. Select “Continue”


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