AEA Portal has a growing number of themes available. Each theme has unique properties and customizations available. As of August 2012, there were 24 themes available to choose from. AEA Portal plans to increase the number of themes up to a minimum of 40 by May, 2013, giving associations an even wider variety of designs and layouts to chose from.

We have painstakingly worked to come up with the themes that are flexible enough to allow associations to put their own look and feel into their websites while simplifying the back-end (admin) menu to allow for easy navigation and content updates. All our work means that your employees will have less work getting the website up and running to its fullest potential. General Managers and their employees will be happy with how easily drafts can be completed and how nicely they look in the website’s active theme. Future themes will be based more and more on popular demand, so AEA Portal encourages feedback.

The themes, which are based on a modified WP design, have all been tested and cleared for use on AEA Portal. In addition, they are part of the basic service offered to associations. We welcome you to try multiple themes to discover which one is right for your association or business.

Get an idea of the types of themes available by clicking on the icons below:

Big Easy



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