Why is a website needed?

Is your association effectively reaching its customers?

A website is about facilitating communications and marketing.

If your association’s main source of communicating with members is by word of mouth, email, and newsletters, your association may not be servicing your members as efficiently as possible. In fact, many active family members may be missing updates completely – simply because they are not the main account holders. Moreover, future members preparing to move to post may have no information about your association whatsoever and a call may be out of the question.

 See more reasons for an association website below (Click on the links below for more information about the subject line):

Linking members with association events and sales
A quick link to upcoming events and sales will bring your users back to the website to read about the event. It eliminates the need to send large files over the network and creates a sense of community for your association.
New product information
Association GMs and/or board members can direct members/customers to the website when new products are available for sale at the association.
A news section allows the association an opportunity to show video and write about recent events held associated with the association.
Club Policy
Readers of the website can access club and commissary policies and other information, increasing their understanding of rules, regulations, and other policies held by the association.
Linking members with your Community Liaison Office
Giving the CLO a page on the association’s website will allow the CLO to reach out to the community easily, advertising upcoming events, taking signups on the website, conducting web-based surveys (even with SurveyMonkey), collecting cash for an event, and much more. Ultimately, this increases post morale and offers Foreign Service employees and their families better opportunities for getting out a discovering the host country.
Member message board exchanges and links to Facebook
Members who sign in to your website will have the ability to sign in through FB and update their statuses or view others comments from the website. This increases the stickiness (sense of community) of the association’s website, drawing members back again and again.
Using Google maps, Facebook, YouTube, SurveyMonkey, and other third party applications directly within the website increases the functionality and familiarity of the website.
Providing forms for association enrollment
New members will not actually need to be at post to sign up for the membership. With a forms section on the website, members will only need to download the appropriate forms, fill them out, and submit them via email to the appropriate individual at the association.

Member access to invoices
Association administrators can facilitate bill collection by uploading member invoices to the website, allowing members to log in and see their own account balances.
Self Service Help
Members seeking answers to questions can turn to the website for FAQs and other information provided by the association official.
Ordering items online from the association
Pizza delivery, turkey orders, and much more are now possible from the website for registered members.
Scheduling Applications
Scheduling and maintaining the schedule can be done easily on the website. Members can sign up for classes, reserve courts or rooms, and even reserve TDY apartments when available.
Contact Forms
A website allows browsers to submit contact forms to a designated official of the association, increasing communication and feedback.
Employee and Board Member Bios
The association can quickly upload bios of employees and board members. A feedback form can even be placed under each of the employee’s bios that allows users to send messages directly to those employees or board members without advertising the actual email address of the recipient (thereby cutting down on spam).
Surveys and Voting
A website increases convenience for members who want to vote for board members or participate in surveys. Voting can be done through a member login setup on the website.
Completing the Feedback Loop
Websites are great for connecting the dots with your members. The days of one way newsletter communications are through. Blog type news articles are available on websites, allowing interested members to give their input on specific articles and other information within the website.
Finding other GMs and reaching out
A website not only increases communications with your members but also increases the ability of GMs to reach out to other GMs and share best practices.

This list is hardly all inclusive and highly dependent on the services offered by the association. If you have other needs or ideas about what your association needs, contact us here. We’ll be happy to get back to you with information – usually within the next day.

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