Working with Themes

Changing Themes

Before we jump head first into a discussion on themes, let me just give you a
kind word of caution. Themes in the AEA Portal are beautiful and wonderful
(Yes, I’m doing a bit of marketing, but you get my point, right?), but if you
already have categories, content, and layouts set up on your website, beware!
Moving from PageLine themes to YouThemes or vice versa will most likely
cause a loss of your carefully predefined structure and, in some cases, a loss of
existing data.  Nobody wants to waste time doing something that they’ll have to
do again, right? Well, maybe for practice?

Anyway, if you’ve already added content and/or a site structure to your website, you should backup your information before changing themes.  You can back up your data from the back end by following these steps:

  • Click on “Tools”
  • Select “Export
  • Select “All Content” or any other item from the list
  • Select “Download Export File”

Once you’ve exported your data, save it in a safe place. You can use the same information to upload
back to the website at a later date by selecting import from the tools menu.

Selecting a New Theme

It is a good idea to select a theme and preview the theme from another tab in your browser. You can make updates to your website from the backend and go back to the front end, press F5, and view the changes that you’ve just made. Fortunately, AEA Portal’s back-end environment makes this easy for you to do.

You’ll find all the themes available on AEA Portal by selecting “Appearance” from the side menu.

Once the page loads, you’ll see at least four pages of professional (and a few fun) themes that you can choose from.  Your selections should appear something like the image below.

You can “Activate” any theme or simply “Preview” that theme before deciding. When you activate a theme, you can see your changes on the your website as soon as the backend registers the changes. To view those changes, go to your website in another tab in your browser. If, for example, your subdomain is “Vienna,” you’d type in and press enter. Your sub domain is whatever theme you’ve chosen to use when you activated your website.

Once your website has loaded, you’ll see the theme you just selected in “live” action. You can now go into your admin panel from the backend and add pages, images, text, and other content.

Note: Changing themes often means that the menus offered in the admin panel will be different. Each theme has a slightly different admin panel. PageLine themes and YouThemes have larger differences.



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